Some Useful Links

DogsWest – The Canine Association of WA – information on all things WA dog-related including a list of registered breeders in WA, activities you can do with your dog, training classes etc.

Dogzonline – Australia’s pure breed dog community; breed information, forums, links to registered breeders etc.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I inspect your facilities?
A. Of course! We encourage you to inspect our facilities prior to boarding your pet. However we have set hours for inspecting our kennels and this is by appointment only.

Q. Are the kennels air conditioned?
A. No. The kennels are kept cool by large fans and a sprinkler system which keeps a refreshing flow of air running throughout.

Q. Are the kennels heated in cold weather?
A. No. However our kennels are covered and warm, All dogs are provided with warm large blankets.

Q. Does my pet need to be vaccinated?
A. YES Dogs: C5 (preferred),
Your pets must have completed a course of vaccinations. C5 is preferred – this vaccine covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Para influenza (canine kennel cough) . All vaccinations and boosters must be administered at least 10 days prior to commencement of boarding.
If you are in doubt feel free to talk to us or your veterinarian about these requirements. Titre blood results are accepted for proof of immunity.

Q. Does my dog need flea and tick treatment?
Dogs: We require ALL PETS to be Flea treated on arrival unless already done by owner. Cost is $15 for all animals. This is to ensure no dog brings in, or takes home fleas or ticks!!

Q. What if my pet is on medication
A. We are very happy to administer medications (Oral form only) you may bring for your pet at No extra cost. (We will not administer injection type medications)

Q. How do I pay?
A. We accept Cash, Eftpos or Direct Debit . Full payment on arrival is required.

Q. Can I bring my pet’s bed and toys?
A. YES! However we do provide off the ground beds, blankets and toys.

All bedding must be named otherwise it may get mixed up if it needs laundering. Try to bring a toy that is not too precious. Pets do funny things with their toys when they are away from home and may destroy them (this goes for bedding too!) Please – NO BEAN BAGS

Q. What about after hours?
A. We WILL NOT open outside of these hours!

Q. Are the premises attended after hours?
A. Yes. We live on the premises and there is always some one in attendance.

Q. What about veterinary treatment?
A. If at any time your dog needs a vet, we will contact your appointed Vet or take your dog to KUDAH VETERINARY HOSPITAL in FORRESTDALE, OR any other vet that would be available.

All vet bills are the responsibility of the owner of the dog/s and are to be paid in full before your dog is released/checked out of kennel.

Q. Where are your kennels located?
A. 20 minutes from the Perth Domestic Airport and City. We are close to Roe Highway Tonkin Highway and Kwinana Freeway access points. We are situated in the Canning Vale kennel zone.