4 Paws B&B
Boarding Kennels
3 Battersea Road, Canning Vale 6155
Phone: 0499 350 959   Email: info@4pawsbb.com.au
We are a family owned and operated kennel run by 3 generations of dog lovers and dog show exhibitors.
We are not just a Dog Boarding Kennel –
we offer your pet a healthy enjoyable stay in a safe environment where all care is taken and love and hugs are given daily.
Our kennels are set on 1 acre of large shady trees and large grassy runs with plenty of room to play. 
The facilities are designed with indoor sleeping kennels and outdoor large grassy runs allowing shade from the summer sun and heat or warmth from the winter rain and cold, with warm dry beds and toys to keep them occupied.
Our kennel hands Charli and Phoebe are experienced with the handling of the dogs and running of the kennels and help they us to provide a  “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” environment for your dog.
LARGE DOGS – $35.00
Charged Per Day OR Part Thereof – irrespective of the time of admission or departure and does not include other additional services.
A Booking/Invoice – with payment details included – will be emailed to you once your booking is processed. (Not Available Currently)
Fees can be made via: DIRECT DEPOSIT (details are on Booking/Invoice) – 2 days before boarding commences OR by EFTPOS OR CASH on arrival.
We DO NOT give DISCOUNTS or CREDITS if you collect your dog earlier than the days booked.
If a dog is PICKED UP LATER that the days booked the outstanding fees must be paid by CASH or EFTPOS at time of pickup.
We require a Non-Refundable deposit of half of your booked boarding fee in PEAK holiday periods!
FOOD – Biscuits, Prime 100 Dog Roll – some flavours, Raw chicken & veggie or beef & veggie mince, yoghurt and eggs along with raw meaty bones/chicken frames or pigs ears (if permitted)
If your dog requires a special diet we suggest you provide your own food – clearly labelled please. There is no discount for this service as it needs to be stored and prepared separately from our other preparation.
BEDDING – Framed off the floor beds, Blankets, Toys and Jackets (for those lacking a little coat)
We are very happy to administer medications (Oral form only) you may bring for your pet at No extra cost. (We will not administer injection type medications)
Please ensure your Dog is treated for Fleas and Ticks 2 weeks prior to Boarding with us OR we can treat your Pet at a cost of $15.00 –
this is to protect both your dog and other boarders.
Collar & Lead – DOGS MUST BE ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES – at time of arrival and departure.
Vaccination Certificate – showing Vets name and address, Dogs name and Microchip Number.
Any Medications in original packets with clear instructions for dispensing.
Own food if providing for your dog clearly marked with dogs NAME AND SURNAME.
If at any time your dog needs a Vet, we will contact your Vet or take the dog to Kudah Veterinary Clinic in Forrestdale or any closer Vet available at that time.
ALL vet bills are the responsibility of the owner of the dog/s and are to be paid in full before the release of your dog to you.
BY CONTINUING with a booking the dogs owner HEREBY AUTHORIZES – 4 PAWS B&B BOARDING KENNEL to seek veterinary attention should this be
required and THE OWNER/AGENT agrees to pay all associated fees before the animal is released to the owner or the agent.
A complementary Hydro-bath before going home, for any dog boarding for 7 DAYS or more.